Toxic Positivity

A documentary film about K12 public schools in the United States as they navigate reopening and virtual learning during the COVID-19 pandemic.
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This documentary focuses on K12 public schools in the United States as they navigate reopening and virtual learning during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Through the stories of a diverse group of students, parents, teachers, and education experts, the film will examine the effects this turbulent school year has had on the student learning process, mental health, inequity and the future of education. Despite all the challenges, frustration, and uncertainty teachers, parents, and students feel the pressure to keep smiling and stay positive. Even if it’s toxic.

However, it’s not all bad. These challenges have brought people together and sparked remarkable creativity and innovation. Teachers and parents have built their own online communities where they can offer support and share ideas. Families have grown closer. Many have recognized the potential for technology and are using it in ways never imagined before. Perhaps most importantly, children and adults have shown how incredibly resilient and capable human beings can be.

This film sets out to answer the question - what lessons have been learned during this experience and how can we apply that knowledge to create positive change in the future? By following the journey’s of teachers, students, and parents through the 2020-2021 school year audiences can expect to learn and be inspired.

The projected completion date of this film is Spring 2022. However, we are covering ongoing events which may alter or delay production schedule. Once released the film will be available online and will be submitted to film festivals.

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Vanessa Gallant is a Boston based writer, producer, and editor with a background in news, events, corporate, commercial, nonprofit, as well as short and long form documentaries. 




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We are interested in creating a film that provides many perspectives and presents innovative ideas. The goal with this film is to not only document this historical event but also share ideas for solutions. We are learning that there is a lot of room for improvement but there are so many great ideas for how to make education better and work for everyone. Even if you're not a parent or teacher everyone should want to see the next generation thrive. Our hope is our film will help inspire audiences to start thinking about education differently.

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